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Video Editing

Video Editing & Its Benefits

The process of adjusting and remodeling footage to generate a new piece has become known as video editing. This consists of trimming—cutting segments—rearranging footage in a different order, and enhancing the music, graphics, and transitions. There are many personal, professional, and industry-specific advantages to video editing.

Career of Video Editor

The skill for editing videos is useful and adaptable, and it comes with multiple benefits. Video editing provides up a plethora of an opportunity for imaginative expression, advancement in your profession, and technical improvement. Having expertise with this field will allow you to tell gripping tales, generate material with effects, and make a long lasting impression across a variety of businesses.

What You will learn in this course?

Introduction to video editing

  • Learning the software’s
  • Basic editing techniques
  • Audio Editing
  • Advanced editing techniques
  • Color correction and grading
  • Visual effects and graphics
  • Project management
  • Real-World Project and Portfolio Building

Course Includes

Instructor: Asad Javaid

Fee: 25,000 RS

For International Students Please Contact Us

Duration: 1 Month

Language: English

Certifications: Yes

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